Adventure Ready Brands is committed to pursuing the highest standard of ethical, responsible operations in fulfilling our mission to provide innovative, high-quality first aid and preparedness products for work, home, and your next adventure. For over 40 years, we have required all Adventure Ready Brands employees and vendors to abide by the following basic principles and minimum standards of conduct.
Health and Safety
Vendors shall provide their workers with a clean, safe, and healthy work environment in compliance with all legally mandated standards for workplace health and safety in the countries in which they operate. This includes residential facilities when applicable.

Wage and Benefits
Vendors shall pay workers at least the minimum compensation required by local law and provide all legally mandated benefits. In addition to their compensation for regular hours of work, workers shall be compensated for overtime hours at or above the overtime rate specified by the individual country's labor code or, in those countries where such laws do not exist, at least equal to their regular hourly compensation rate.

Free Association
Vendors shall allow, where permitted by law, employees to join organizations of their choice and engage in collective bargaining and shall otherwise allow employees to voice grievances without fear of retaliation.

Vendors shall comply with all local environmental laws.

Vendors shall advise their employees of the provisions of this Code of Conduct.

Compliance Records
Vendors shall maintain documentation as may be needed to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct and shall make these documents available to Adventure Ready Brands or its third-party designee for inspection upon request. Vendors shall submit to announced or unannounced inspection by Adventure Ready Brands auditors or its third-party designees. Vendors shall take corrective actions promptly to remediate non-compliance.

Vendors shall conduct business in accordance with all applicable anti-bribery laws.

Laws & Regulations
Vendors shall operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

Consumer Product Safety Act
Vendors shall understand and comply with all relevant Consumer Product Safety Act rules and guidelines and shall provide all necessary and appropriate proof of compliance upon request.

Continuous Improvement
Vendors shall strive to continuously improve in each of the categories herein.

Child Labor – Vendors shall not employ workers contrary to the International Labor Organization guidelines or to the local legal requirements for young workers concerning hours of work, wages, and working conditions.

Forced Labor – Vendors shall not use involuntary labor, whether indentured, bonded, prison, or otherwise.

Hours of Work – Vendors shall ensure that workers are not required to work more hours than allowed by the law of the country of manufacture. Except in extraordinary business circumstances, all workers shall be entitled to at least one day off in every consecutive seven day period.

Discrimination – Vendors shall not discriminate and shall ensure employment decisions – including hiring, remuneration, benefits, advancement, termination, and retirement – are not based on belief or any other personal characteristics.

Harassment – No worker shall be subject to corporal punishment or physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse. In addition, Vendors shall not use monetary fines as a disciplinary practice.

Subcontracting – Vendors shall not subcontract any production unless given prior written approval from Adventure Ready Brands. Vendors shall notify Adventure Ready Brands in advance of any factory changes. Vendors shall use subcontractors only after the subcontractors have adequately demonstrated compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Conflict Minerals – Vendors shall not use minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries that directly or indirectly support conflict. Conflict minerals or 3T&G are currently defined as Tantalum (Columbite-tantalite or coltan), Tin (cassiterite), Tungsten (wolframite), and Gold, or their derivatives.

Transshipping – Vendors shall not misrepresent the country of origin of any product produced for Adventure Ready Brands.

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