Survive Outdoors Longer Introduces All Season Blanket for Spring 2018 - July, 2018 - Littleton, NH

Survive Outdoors Longer Introduces All Season Blanket for Spring 2018

Littleton, N.H. (July 2017) – Survive Outdoors Longer® continues to evolve their innovative survival solutions and introduces the All Season Blanket for spring of 2018. This durable and versatile blanket reflects 80% of radiant body heat and can be used as an emergency shelter or for general camp use. The blanket will be on display at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show and will be available in stores and online in February, 2018.

In unexpected emergency situations, use the All Season Blanket (80” x 64”) to rig a shelter, wrap around someone to prevent hypothermia, or use the bright

All Season Blanket

orange color to signal a rescue team. Waterproof and windproof, the All Season Blanket is made with polyethylene and a tough laminate fiber. Need warmth while adventuring in cold weather or during an emergency? Survive Outdoors Longer’s blanket has a vaporized, aluminized coating that reflects 80% of radiated body heat offering warmth and protection. More than just an emergency item, use the product as a sunshade, gear cover, picnic throw, and more. Equipped with four metal grommets for easy tie-downs, this durable and versatile blanket is ready for your weekend camp bag, bug out bag, or as a handy item to keep around the house. Available February 1, 2018.

About Survive Outdoors Longer
Survive Outdoors Longer leads the survival category with the number one selling

All Season Blanket

survival kits and shelters in the outdoor industry. Survive Outdoors Longer encompasses key items from the most important survival categories including: essential survival tools, survival kits, signaling devices (mirrors and whistles), fire starters and emergency shelters (reflective blankets and bivvies). Survive Outdoors Longer is committed to designing category-defining tools, kits, and essentials plus instructions, tips, and techniques from experts in the field. These intuitively designed and high-performance products can be trusted to deliver when it matters most. For more information on Survive Outdoors Longer products, visit