Recharged Sportsman Series Medical Kits Simplify Wilderness First Aid for Hunters, Anglers, Powersports Enthusiasts – May 30, 2019 – Littleton, NH

Recharged Sportsman Series Medical Kits Simplify Wilderness First Aid for Hunters, Anglers, Powersports Enthusiasts

LITTLETON, N.H. (May 30, 2019) – Adventure® Medical Kits, the leading name in outdoor first aid, recharges its Sportsman Series medical kits for Spring 2019 with improved usability, intuitive organization and class-leading wilderness first aid information. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate larger groups and excursions or solo, day-long outings, the Sportsman Series medical kits are stocked with the supplies and know-how to treat the most common injuries faced by hunters, anglers and powersports enthusiasts.

"Adventure Medical Kits was born out of the desire to simplify wilderness first aid and prepare more outdoorsmen and women for adventures in the backcountry," says Aaron Baumgarten, director of product management at Tender Corporation, Adventure Medical Kits' parent company. "With the Sportsman Series' new naming convention and easy-to-navigate layouts, it's never been easier for hunters, anglers and powersports enthusiasts to choose the medical kit that best fits their needs."

The Sportsman Series consists of four kits – 100, 200, 300 and 400 – each of which features hospital-quality supplies and life-saving, easy-to-follow first aid instructions. Each kit also features the Easy Care First Aid System, which organizes supplies by injury, so there's no fumbling for the right supplies in moments of stress. Expanding upon the Easy Care First Aid System, the three larger kits now feature an external kit map that outlines exactly where supplies are located and includes a reflective design, eliminating delays finding the kits at night or in low-light environments.

Sportsman 100
Ideal for anglers, water fowl hunters and lightweight campers, the Sportsman 100 features two-stage waterproofing: the coated outer bag seals water out with taped seams and the inner DryFlex bag is 100-percent waterproof. Contents include a Quick Guide to Wilderness Medicine, trauma supplies, blister prevention and treatment supplies, and insect removal and bite relief.

Sportsman 200
This compact first aid kit equips groups of four with the supplies needed for a long weekend outdoors. The external kit map shows where supplies are located, while the reflective design makes it easy to find the kit quickly at night.

Sportsman 300
Filled with enough supplies for up to six people on trips as long as seven days, the Sportsman 300 first aid kit is equipped with WoundStop Trauma Dressing and a removable waterproof trauma pack that lets sportsmen and women venture far afield knowing they're prepared.

Sportsman 400
tocked with life-saving supplies like a Tourniquet, WoundStop Trauma Dressing, flexible C-Splint™ and a detachable waterproof trauma pack, the Sportsman 400 is a comprehensive medical kit for large groups on extended backcountry adventures.