Adventure Medical Kits Unveils Recharged Hunt-Specific First Aid Kits, All-New Trauma Supplies at SHOT Show

Adventure Medical Kits Unveils Recharged Hunt-Specific First Aid Kits, All-New Trauma Supplies at SHOT Show

All new products will be on display at booth no. 3943 and during Industry Day at the Range

LITTLETON, N.H. (January 21, 2019) – Adventure Medical Kits, the leading name in outdoor first aid, will showcase its redesigned Sportsman Series medical kits, all-new windlass tourniquet-equipped Trauma Pak III, and two new QuikClot hemostatic gauzes at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21 – 25.

"Adventure Medical Kits was born out of the desire to simplify outdoor first aid," says Frank Meyer, chief marketing officer at Tender Corporation, Adventure Medical Kits' parent company. "With the addition of our new easy-to-navigate Sportsman Series medical kits, professional-level Trauma Pak III, and QuikClot hemostatic gauze dressings, Adventure Medical Kits offers firearms enthusiasts proven solutions for worst-case scenarios."

The hunt-specific Sportsman Series medical kits feature improved usability, intuitive organization and class-leading wilderness first aid information. Available in four sizes to accommodate larger groups and excursions or solo, day-long outings, Sportsman Series medical kits are stocked with the supplies and know-how to treat the most common injuries faced by hunters and firearms enthusiasts. Each kit in the line features hospital-quality supplies, life-saving, easy-to-follow first aid instruction, and the EZ Care First Aid System, which organizes supplies by injury, so there’s no fumbling for the right supplies in moments of stress.

The all-new Trauma Pak III puts life-saving, military-grade trauma supplies in civilian hands, enabling users to quickly control severe bleeding in emergency situations. Compact, waterproof and resealable, the Trauma Pak III contains a windlass tourniquet, which can be applied on top of clothing; a pressure trauma dressing, which combines gauze and a pressure bar to apply up to 40 pounds of pressure directly to a wound; and other emergency essentials like 4-inch EMT shears, nitrile gloves and a triangular bandage.

Also new for 2019, Adventure Medical Kits will offer QuikClot gauze in two sizes: 3" x 24" and 3" x 48". Trusted by professionals and recommended by Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, QuikClot hemostatic gauze act on contact to control bleeding up to five times faster than non-hemostatic dressings. Lightweight, compact and waterproof, QuikClot gauze is a smart add-on to an existing medical kit, vehicle glove box, range bag or first-responder kit.

Sportsman Series medical kits and Trauma Pak III become available beginning February 2019; QuikClot gauzes ships August 2019.